Friday, June 23, 2017

MGG: Next Patron Update 6/29

Just assembling a super quick list here for the planned updates for the patron release next week.

  • Added Time Dilation! Ruby Level donors from Patreon will have access to a special version with this feature unlocked. Down the line a monster may provide this feature to the free versions, but this will be a long way away, and may never actually happen
  • Save and load visiting monsters
  • Visitors should not generate loyalty
  • Do not allow sex engagement after fight if EN is too low
  • Monster commands
  1. Do not allow lock on during tool use or item selection
  2. Add commanded behaviour, when locked on press A to command monster
  3. Monster faces player while being commanded, does nothing else waits for command, do not allow other monsters to interact with a commanded monster
  4. B unlocks, or moving away from the monster unlocks and aborts commanding the monster
  5. Add commands: Rename, Move, Eat, Fight, Masturbate, Fuck
  • Ideally finish programming new harpy attacks 
  • Test clothes variants for neko/harpy
  • Test male species variant (for the time being these will appear like futanari, they will have female bodies with a dick. Male models will come when the system is complete. All "male" slimes will always be futanari.)
  • A couple "male" on female animations
  • Add flowers to save system
  • Add some decorations for the garden to the shop.
  • Complete MP system (cost/regen)
  • Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • Add audio prompts for monsters entering garden (thanks again, interLewd!)
  • Considering reducing Neko visit/reside requirements from 20/50 to 10/25
  • Display Trainer Information, this will contain data on how many monsters have visited the garden, how many are residents, as well as your Trainer Rank, which you will be able to boost when tournaments are added
  • Monsters would never masturbate when near possible partners, this has been fixed
  • Corrected an error which caused tiles to spawn over the "river"

Monday, June 19, 2017

MGG: Quick Hotfix

A member of the itch community pointed out an error the other day which was causing monsters to stop spawning. This has now been fixed and re-uploaded to for everyone.

Friday, June 16, 2017

MGG version 0.3 is released!

Head on over to the page to check out the latest version! Lot's of new features to check out, gives you a better idea of where the game is going.


Friday, June 09, 2017

MGG: Moving Saves

I've figured out how Unreal's packaged projects look for saved games, and it should help everyone move their save files between versions. Here's the breakdown:

In the file, you'll find two folders, text files, and an executable. The text files are included information for your benefit, these are either change logs, the instruction manual, or the manifest (this is created on packaging, and I'm still unsure if it's necessary so I'm hesitant to remove it at this point).

Under the MGG folder you'll find Content and Saved, expand Saved. Under Saved you should find Config and Logs. When you save a file, a new folder called SaveGames is created. Gardens are saved in order, your first save will be called 1.sav, then 2.sav, etc. 

If you have an older version of the game, and you want to play your old garden in the updated version, simply copy the .sav file from the old version, and paste it into the SaveGames folder in the new version. If you haven't yet made any saves in the new version, you may as well copy and paste the whole SaveGames folder from the old version.

Please feel encouraged to contact me if you need help with this πŸ˜€

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

MGG: New Monster, Harpy!

The next monster coming into the game is the Harpy, this is due to the original development schedule, and also my attachment to Harpy as a character. I know that there is a desire for male monsters, and I'm currently considering my options. These are as follows:
  1. Male monsters are of a new species, this species resembles a current female model (i.e. cat girls have a wolf boy equivalent) and they can always produce offspring together, but have different base stats, requirements, and moves. Or they are unrelated to a current female species, but certain ones can interbreed.
  2. More complicated, but more worthwhile in the long run, is to have a male and female version of each species. This would take the place of an additional variable in the monster actor, and change the model and animation sets accordingly. (I'll probably go this route, as this will make room for futanari variants)
However due to the demand for content I'm pushing the Harpy as the next monster to keep it simple for now. Here is the current encyclopaedia entry, with a picture from as a placeholder.

I will also add the following 2 moves for harpies to use in battle.

Talon Scratch; ATK/SPD damage move, deals .5x ATK + .5x SPD as damage
Beat Wings; SPD effect move, the next 3 attack cooldowns will be reduced by 90%.

Harpies cannot masturbate due to the nature of their arms. Instead they have to get their lust out with other monsters. Harpies take longer to become horny than other species.

Friday, June 02, 2017

MGG: Next Public Release, Planned Features

This is just a checklist of the features I'd like to include in the next public release, which could be seen as version 0.3. I probably won't be able to complete the whole list by the 15th but that's when I'm aiming for. Ruby level patrons will get daily access to the features as they are developed, and Gold or higher will be able to preview Harpy creation.
This list is in order from most to least important;

New Monster, Harpy
  • Create encyclopaedia entry
  • Add species to monster actor
  • Create model, rig
  • Texture model
  • Animations
  1. Standing
  2. Fly
  3. Idle
  4. Attack
  5. Sex

  • Create produce item
  • Program Combat Moves
Other/Misc (COMPLETE)
  • Sometimes if no child is created monsters can "pass on" their best skill to their partner. I.E. if a monsters DEF is its highest skill after sex their partners DEF will increase by 1. This will occur 25% of the time
  • Fixed an error which caused items to fall through the tiles
  • Found a way to combine opacity with roughness and normal maps, water is now see through
  • Add an audio prompt for when monsters spawn into the garden
Monster Commands
  • Clamp max loyalty at 100 instead of 50, revamp loyalty system later
  • Create command behaviour for player and monster
  • Allow player to move monster to desired location
  • Allow player to command monster to eat a certain item
  • Allow player to instruct monster to masturbate
  • Allow player to command monster to fight another monster
  • Allow player to command monster to fuck a certain other monster
Expand Your Garden (COMPLETE)
  • Reprogram how the game determines your property, right now a volume is used, some things will need to be changed simply to test which tiles are owned
  • Allow player to purchase tiles
Potion Making (COMPLETE)
  • Add items, HP Potion, MP Potion, EN Potion, Empty bottle, Water bottle, Red Slime Gel, Green Slime Gel
  • Add variants variable to monster actor, tie different colored slimes to save system
  • Ensure each slime variant produces it's own colour gel
  • Make water: drop empty bottle into water tile
  • Make potion: drop gel onto water bottle (Red produces HP Potion, Blue produces MP Potion, and Green produces EN Potion)
  • Use potion: let monster eat or drop on them
  • Red Slime Gel restores some HP when eaten raw, Blue Slime Gel; MP, and Green Slime Gel; EN.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MGG: Monster Attack Details

Just posting some information about the current monster attacks, plans for future attacks, and how this all affects combat.
Here is a breakdown of the current 4 attacks in greater detail.

Claw Slash: ATK damage move, deals 1x ATK as damage
Sand Attack: ATK effect move, deals .5x ATK as damage, +2 cooldown

The +2 cooldown indicates that Sand Attack adds 2 seconds to the enemies current attack cooldown. In the future as combat develops more stats will be added like SKL (skill) or DEX (dexterity) which would allow for misses and moves which increase or decrease that chance.

Magic Missile: MP/ATK damage move, deals .5x MaxMP + .5x ATK as damage, pushback
Heal Wounds: MP effect move, heals .3x MaxMP to self

Pushback indicates that it will knock your enemy backwards a little bit, this could be used either to simply gain distance between you and your enemy, or put them into position for a further ranged attack. In the future there may also be moves which teleport either monster to a certain location, or push either one forwards or back. Succubi could have a move which pulls the enemy monster towards them, for example.

Also any monster can shove the enemy backwards by moving to near minimum range and attacking.

That's all, patrons will have access to the Battle Arena tomorrow 😊

Monday, May 29, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/29

The Battle Arena update is done and rolling out for patrons on the 1st of June! Now's your chance to get in, since only patrons who subscribed before the 1st will have access. Everyone else will have to wait for June 15-22. Here is a video of the update below, as well as the changelog below that.

MGG Change Log: v0.1 -> v0.2

Small Fixes:
-Minor control adjustments
-Monsters now reverse walking animation when moving backwards
-Fixed bug which caused the axe to stop working
-Trees now yield different amounts based on their age
-Monsters no longer pop to the center of the garden when becoming residents
-Visiting monsters can now leave after a period of time
-Trees can no longer be planted on top of each other
-Changed grass heightmap from the same image as trees to something that makes more sense
-Grass now costs item quantity, but can also be purchased

Big Changes:
-Combat revamped, neko and slime have 2 abilities each, and pick one when fighting, AI logic for moving in and out of range also vastly changed.
(Note that this has caused minor complications which will be addressed later, for example; a visiting slime girl COULD stand outside your gardens fence and launch magic missiles at nekos unable to reach their melee range due to fence obstruction.)
-Battle Arena added, players can now pick between 2 difficulties and randomize opponents. These can be fought by the player controlling the monster or by letting the monster fight for itself.
-General Store added, players can now buy and sell items.
-Thanks Page added to the main menu, look this over, these people are the best.
-Tiles/fences have been prepped for expandable gardens, look forward to this soon.
-Changed tile detection (thanks interLewd!), more accurate tool use.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MGG: Battle Arena!

Hey guys, I've been burning through the list of bug fixes and adjustments, so I started adding a town section to the game. Right now this is only a menu with a few buttons listing locations, accessible from the pause menu, but eventually I would like to conceptualize and create 3D spaces for all these places.

Right now the General Store is the only part of the town complete, but that's a big addition. Players can now purchase grass, acorns, and daisy seeds, as well as sell any items they may have. Be aware when you go to town that your garden continues running in the background, so try not to take too much time! Also considering advancing the clock each "trip" to town.

The next big feature is the Battle Arena. This will add playability and give players more of a reason to selective breed strong monsters. If you've ever played Monster Rancher 2, the system will work a bit like that. The player will have a Trainer Rank, which will dictate the level of single battles or tournaments they can enter. This will increase if you beat a special tournament, allowing you to fight harder monsters. Trainer Rank could also be tied to unlocking certain monsters, and battles/ tournaments won could be a breeding requirement, or a requirement for an alternate skin for certain monsters.

Here's a shot of the blocked out battle arena.

Hoping to have this feature complete for Patrons by the 1st of June, and the next public release will be 2-3 weeks after that. Along with the next public release, it has come to my attention that some players require a 32x build, and I'm looking at making a Mac build as well.

Battle Specifics:
When a battle is starting the player will be given the option to control the monster or let them fight for themselves. If you choose to control the monster you will give it commands during the fight. Move your monster towards or away from the enemy, and into the range of your desired attack (see above.) Different special attacks will be unlocked at different levels, you can select 4 to bring into battle at once, each one a different range. Melee, Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range.

Combat AI will be revamped to take advantage of this system, letting monsters pick their desired attack from a list, then moving into range to complete it, and then attacking. This will be the same behaviour which occurs if you choose not to control your monster in combat. The benefit of this is that the monster will never second guess itself, if a monsters loyalty is too low it may choose to ignore your command in battle and instead do nothing.

UPDATE: Combat has now been revamped, monsters use the behaviour described above now when fighting. The Battle Arena is basically done now, the player can choose to control their monster in combat or not. However at this point you may as well control them, since the Loyalty system is not done their performance is unaffected by it.

Right now there are only 4 attacks, 2 for neko and 2 for slime girl.
Claw Slash: Melee 
Sand Attack: Mid Range
Magic Missile: Close Range
Heal Wounds: Mid Range

UPDATE: Here's how it looks right now, I'm going to release a progress update video on YouTube soon showing all the recent progress.

In the future certain monsters may have or be able to gain a trait which allows them to see the enemies attack bar.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

MGG: Next Public Release, planned features

I couldn't be happier with the release of the public demo, the support has already been amazing, and I'm getting a lot of good critiques and ideas for the future. With that being said, it's time to double down and really give players something to sink their teeth into, the following is a list of features which I plan to start working on, hopefully all of them will be in the next public release. Patreon supporters however will be able to try each new feature as they are completed, I'll link it again at the bottom of this post.

  • Visitors need to leave after a period of time. This is so that players can generate new visitor monsters without reloading their garden. (This is now done, seems to be working.)
  • Once you attain 2 of a monster, no more will visit. This is intentional so that players have to breed monsters to get more. However, I still want the player to be able to fight monsters which are not their own. Thinking of adding a battle arena game, similar to Monster Rancher 2. (Battle Arena is done and in, simple for now but widely expandable.)
  • Monsters simply teleport to the center of your garden when they become residents, this needs to be changed to a navigable point within the garden radius. That way if a tree or other decoration occupies that space they won't clip into it. (I'm really burning through these, this is done.)
  • Very simple menu based town. Allow players to buy and sell items at a shop, and possibly a harem for "renting out" your monsters to townspeople. (This has now been added, but the shops are not.)
    • Battle Arena (Simple randomized battles now available.)
    • General Store (Done, items can be bought and sold.)
    • Harem
  • Grass will not be free forever. (Sorry. πŸ˜‹)
  • Oak tree wood yield needs to be relative to their age. (Done, lower yeilding trees will also have lower HP values.)
  • I have confirmed that trees can be stacked. Spawn your free acorns now while you can people xD (Tiles now have to be clear before a tree can be planted on them.)
  • Flowers will be added into the save system and allowed to spawn, considering making them edible if no other food is available. They may carry a negative effect, ex. lower lust.
  • Adding a few commands based on loyalty. Move, eat, and fight at first. Eventually masturbate and fuck will be added, possibly to this update, possibly to the next.
  • Thanks page dedicated to my amazing Patrons (This is done, visible from the Pause Menu, still looking into adding a permanent Thanks page to the Patreon.) 😁

Any support is greatly appreciated!

Monday, May 15, 2017

MGG Public Demo

The wait is over! The public demo is complete! far as I know.
Keep in mind this is early development access, there may be some bugs, and you'd be helping me greatly if you run into any and send along a little report.

Thanks for your patience, I hope you like it πŸ˜“πŸ˜–


Patreon is also live, consider donating if you like it! You can suggest update content and we'll be able to develop much quicker.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/10

I've just been spending the last few days suring up all the little game play systems for the demo. There was a little work to do on the inventory system, for example, the monsters now generate an item when they masturbate or have sex. Nekos produce a bottle of Neko Squirt, while Slimes produce a ball of Slime Cum. Uses for these items may be changed down the line, but for the time being they are simply alternate food with different effects, eventually a shop will be added where these items can be sold and others can be bought. Neko Squirt will increase the Lust of monsters who consume it, and Slime Cum will restore a bit of HP, but neither are very effective for relieving hunger.

Also to test adding variants in the future, Slimes can now spawn in 1 of 3 colours. This is not yet tied to data, so it is not permanent, a Slime would set a new colour every time the game was loaded. This will be changed in the future, and possibly variants could produce a different form of their species material.

Here is a shot of some of the items lying around the garden. Also flowers have been added. Flowers will eventually die and sometimes spread seeds, these seeds can be planted to make new flowers, or if left alone they will plant themselves. These flowers will also produce a material when they die, to make a reason to plant and cultivate them.

Aside from a few things which still need to be added into the save system, and a couple animations basically everything for the demo is done. I might even add a very simple quest system before release.

Friday, May 05, 2017

MGG: Rudimentary Combat

Hey everyone, quick update here on the progress of combat implementation. The main functionality is now coded, the only thing missing is animations, we'll be completing these over the next few days and once that's in there's only a few more bells and whistles to tack on before we're ready for a public demo!

Here is a brief explanation on the behaviour. Engaging in combat at the moment is strictly dictated by a monsters Hunger stat. When a monster is very hungry, it may lash out and take its aggression out on another monster nearby. When this happens a fight ensues, both monsters become hostile towards one another, and will begin moving towards each other until they are within their species attack range (each species has a different basic attack, and therefore a different range), at this point they will begin to attempt to make basic attacks on their enemy. A basic attack can be launched if a monster is A) within range, and B) their basic attack has cooled down, like range each species attacks take a different amount of time to cool down, however Speed can affect this rate. Once these two conditions are met the monster will attack, calculating it's Attack stat versus the opponents Defense, and then testing for a critical hit.

Critical hits are very simple at the moment, if an attack is critical it simply adds 1 to the damage, this was merely to test functionality, later on critical hits may be tied to a stat, each species may have their own critical hit chance and effect, or we could come up with some other way to deal with these. I will be opening this up to the community for input. For the time being there is simply a 25% chance to add 1 damage to an attack. Here are a few screenshots of combat, you can see damage numbers, the larger yellow number is indicating a critical hit.

After checking for a critical hit, the resulting damage will be transferred to the enemy. If a monster's HP ever reaches 0, they exit combat and enter a recovery mode (once more the amount of time is based on species). If both monsters attack on the same frame call (very unlikely) and are both left with 0 HP, there is no victor. However, if one of the monster's HP is still above 0, they are declared the victor, they gain XP equal to the opponent's Max HP (for now) and are given a chance to sexually engage, based on their Lust stat. If they choose to do so the forced sexual animation will play for both monsters πŸ˜‰

Oh I almost forgot, there's also a cool war drum loop which plays whenever a battle is occuring, so the player will always know if shits going down.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/02

Just a post to update everyone on the progress of the game, and how close we are to the public release demo.

There were a few bugs in the existing features that I preferred to hammer out now before continuing and over complicating the game before it's ready. There were some oddities in the saving system which have been rooted out; it turns out the arrays containing the save data were not clearing before saving again, so if the player saved multiple times in one session tiles, trees, etc would stack up on the next load.

The saving system works perfectly now for the time being. There was also a small glitch in the system which spawns wild monster girls into the surrounding forest, this has been fixed.

Rudimentary combat is now in the game, we just need a few animations to make it look good. If a monster is hungry it might start a fight with another monster at any time, if this happens they both move towards each other until the target is within the monsters attacking range (different species have different ranges). If their attack is cooled down they launch a hit which compares their Attack to the targets Defense, the result is sent as damage. The attack then has to cool down again, this is based on their base attack cool down (again, different per species) and, more importantly, the monster's Speed.

Here's a checklist to give you an idea of the demos progress. I'll try to come back to this post and strikethrough content which is complete.

-Combat, animations
-Combat, defeat
-Sex, slime animations
-Monsters, can produce offspring
-Monsters, can produce materials
-Monsters, visitors can become residents
-Monsters, can eat food lying around

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MGG: Tech Update 4/25

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick update so you all know we're still hard at work. The last few days have been spent on some technical things and nipping game play bugs in the bud. 

The first thing was the saving and loading system, it was only saving certain things like tile data but has since been expanded to include all junk on the garden, any trees/food, the time of day, money held, etc etc.
There were some oddities with using items and switching between tools which would cause the wrong animations to play, nobody would have ever seen this, but hopefully since the most recent work nobody else ever will.
And lastly the garden has been majorly expanded. Initially the maximum size was 16x16, this has been expanded to 30x30. The beginning size of the garden is 10x10, so some quick math shows that the player will now have the ability to increase their space 9 fold through expansion. Here is a screenshot showing the new size:

Also the alternate view mode has been finished. In this mode your tool and items are invisible and you have greater control over the angle of the camera. The buttons which normally open the items and tools panels (on a gamepad, left and right triggers) become zoom buttons. It is not possible to act in this mode.

Monday, April 17, 2017

MGG Update: 1st Neko on Neko Sex Animation is in!

We have now programmed the Monster girls having sex with each other. I'll explain briefly how this works. The monsters all have a Lust stat, which shows how horny they are. As idle behaviour a monster may choose to engage in sexual behavior if their Lust is high enough. If there is another monster girl within a certain range, they will attempt to have sex with that monster, however if the other monster's Lust is not high enough, they will reject the advance. Down the line this may result in a fight, but for now it just has them resume idle behaviour. If the other monster is down to fuck, the monster who engaged the sex will walk to the partner monster and they will both play the appropriate animation when they meet.

Alternatively if there is not another monster within range when sexual activity begins, the monster will simply start masturbating. Here is the video of the first segment of the first sequence. There will still be two more segments and a climax, as well as 2 more full animation sequences which are unlocked as loyalty is increased.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

MGG Update: Encyclopedia

Adding Encyclopedia entries to the game. These will be accessible from the pause menu and visible when a monster has been unlocked. Unlocking a monster occurs when the player level is high enough, or by completing goals/quests or as other in game rewards. Once a monster is unlocked you can view it's visit requirements in the Encyclopedia in order to attract it to your garden.

We're working on adding combat to the game at the moment, hopefully soon afterwards a public release will be available for download.

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Or check out our YouTube channel!

Friday, April 14, 2017

MGG: Community Building

Hey everyone, lately we've been trying to focus on building a following and community around Monster Girl Garden. We would like to encourage all our readers to post questions or ideas they might have about the game. Follow is and share our posts if you have like minded friends, we want to get our fans talking about the game and suggesting and participating in the conversation about the games future direction. Right now we're aiming at something like a combination between Breeding Season, Monster Rancher, and Viva PiΓ±ata.

Please don't hesitate to post and questions you might have on any of our different social media locations. When our following gets large enough we'll look at opening a forum for centralizing discussion about Monster Girl Garden. Thanks everyone, stay tuned!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 4/11

Just a quick update on the progress of the game. These posts will probably be getting more and more point form unless I have something important to say.

-Changed the lighting scheme, added an ambient cubemap to change the colour of shadows and overall lighting. The main goal here was to make the shadows much less intense. Below is a comparison of the lighting versions.

-Added a second view mode which changes the pitch that the camera zooms on, as well as hides your tool/item making viewing your monsters much easier. The stats screen has also been expanded and moved.

-Added facial animations to the neko girl. These can be seen in the video below.

or here's a picture of a few of the breakdowns:

-Acorns have been added to the game. These will grow on existing trees and fall to the ground where they can either be picked up by the player or eaten by monsters. Acorns can be planted to produce a new tree. Trees take about 2 in game days to reach full height (this is roughly 48 minutes real time.)

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Sunday, April 09, 2017

MGG: Erotic Interactions

The first neko on neko animation has been started, and I've already put the first segment into engine. Once the animations are done we need to add mating requirements so monsters can only engage in consensual sex if the requirements are met. Monsters can still fight and force each other, but it will never cause procreation, and is not the same as mating as far as requirements go. Then adding simple combat so monsters can defeat eachother with basic attacks for now. That's the plan.

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Or check out our YouTube channel!

MGG: Stat explanations

Stats have now been added to the game, and monsters stats are viewable by hovering over them with your cursor. Here's a breakdown of the initial stats we are using, possibly adding more down the line such as entertainment and bathroom.

Level: Your monsters stats will increase every level and at certain levels they will learn attack abilities.
HP: Pretty obvious, when this reaches zero your monster is defeated and is vulnerable to sexual actions until revived.
MP: Used for casting learned attack abilities. 
EN: Your monsters energy, this dictates how many things they can do in a day. Mating costs 1 energy and fighting costs 2. Monsters sleep from 22:00-6:00 (unless nocturnal) and restore energy on waking. Nocturnal monsters sleep from 8:00-16:00.
ATK: Damage done in combat.
DEF: Damage reduction.
SPD: Attack speed and dodge rate.
Loyalty: How much your monster respects you, this increases and decreases over time based on your actions. High enough loyalty allows you to directly issue your monster commands. The higher their loyalty the more commands you can give them. Loyalty also unlocks new sexual animations.
Hunger: Your monsters need to eat or their HP will depleat over time. They are also more likely to start fights with other monsters the hungrier they get.
Horniness: This should be self explanatory. Increases over time and based on other factors, the higher this is the more likely a monster is to masturbate or try to engage another monster in sex. If monsters try to engage other monsters whose horniness is not high enough they will be rejected and might even provoke a fight, or start one themselves upon rejection.

Also tweaked the cursor so it will lock onto monsters when you hover over them, and break the lock by simply moving the cursor in any direction. Considering adding a second view mode when a button is held, this view mode will track the camera more directly towards the monsters offering a better view of animations.

Friday, April 07, 2017

MGG Update: Erotic Scene Implemented

We have officially begun the implementation of the game's erotic scenes. There are plenty of these and plenty of different ways they can be engaged, and different animations which can be unlocked under certain conditions. More examples of these to come. For now, the simplest of these is masturbation, this takes place as idle behaviour within the garden and any monster girl can engage in it at any time be they visitor, resident, or feral. Each monster girl has a horniness stat, which increases over time based on their species, and environmental conditions. For example a monster girl's horniness stat will increase faster if they are standing near a monster girl who is currently masturbating, or engaging in some other kind of sexual behaviour. 

Here is the first basic Neko girl masturbation animation, there will still be some in engine tweaks (mostly around the climax, and adding face animations) as well as plenty of alternative unlockable masturbation animations.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

MGG Update: Slime Girl Added!

There she is, and look at that we already have a fun animation for her ;)
The Slime Girl model and rig was completed and brought into engine today, and boy is she looking slimy and wet. We're working on a texture for her, considering an animated one, and possibly looking at making a particle system so she drips and oozes as she walks around the garden.

Pretty soon we're going to get looking at mating and mating requirements. The idea for slime is to have her be a universal mater, so any species can procreate with her. We're going to try to get two cat girls having some fun with eachother, then two slime girls, and then we'll begin the interesting process of creating mixed species breeding animations. 

MGG Update: Grass and Water

Started the inventory system, added a big old bag of grass. Speedy Lawn brand. I hope that's not a real thing, I don't know if they would appreciate this kind of publicity. So the player can now add grass to tiles in their garden, as well as use the shovel's alternate function to adjust their height. We've also taken more pictures from virtually the same angle to show off the time-lapse/day-night cycle. Next is making visiting monsters only show up once their visitation requirement is met. For example; Neko's should only start appearing as visitors when a garden has equal to or greater than 20 grass tiles.

The water was mainly added preemptively for the next monster girl; Slime Girl. She will begin visiting a garden with more than 20 water tiles, and will be able to be "convinced" (πŸ˜‰) to stay with more than 25 tiles of water.

Monday, April 03, 2017

MGG Update: Quick Model Adjustment

Just a super quick update on the work done on Neko Girl tonight: we adjusted the mesh so her mouth is no longer part of the mesh itself, its now textured onto a flattened version of her face. This decision was made on the heels of realizing that animating the current version would be a lot more work, and possibly end up looking awkward. So we decided to cut that possibility off at the pass by handling face animation with the texture itself. This will be much easier to accomplish and will provide the game more of a cartoony, anime-esque look, which is what we're driving for. Here she is in engine with all her fangy cuteness.

Neko Girl wandering the garden, altered shadow intensity during the day

We also adjusted a bit of the post process volume to add bloom and control the light and shadow intensity a little more reliably.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

MGG Update: Foliage, UI, other touch ups

Just wanted to hop on here quick and give you all a little update on how the game's looking. We did a small graphic overhaul today which included bringing in some foliage meshes and texturing them, I'm digging this geometric height map style, might be something we stick to. Aside from that you'll notice the UI... exists now! Not 100% on the layout but we'll tweak it as we move along. Other things we're working on bringing in are sound and particle effects, should add some nice visual elements that were lacking previously. Slime girl is the next monster we're looking at bringing in, in case anyone is curious. I think that's everything... Yeah that's everything.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

MGG Update: Monster girls are in!

So today we completed a few big milestones for the game, the first was the creation of the neko girl character. The next step was bringing her into the engine, also successful, and last but certainly not least was the programming of the character herself. We have the game spawning them sometimes to visit your garden, they walk around and perform some idle animations. It's very rudimentary right now but it's the entire set up we need to really bring the girls to life. Next they will begin to interact with your garden and eachother in a variety of ways, and soon the player will be able to interact with them as well, if you catch my drift ;)

We will begin adding more girls, and different ways to attract them to your garden. Some might require you find and leave out a rare item, others might be looking for a garden with certain species already as residents. Some of them just want a lot of attention, stay tuned folks because soon you'll be able to give it to them!

Friday, March 31, 2017

MGG is now our Main Focus

Development has now begun on all of our initial projects, but one is outshining the rest and is poised to become our main focus and first release. MGG is reaching the point where a playable demo may soon be available to the public, the starting game play is complete, and we accomplished a big milestone today; bringing our first monster girl into engine!

How cute is she? Neko can be attracted to your garden with grass, with a large enough section of grass, and some love and attention they'll be yours in no time. 
We are currently preparing to release the first gameplay video, just a few bells and whistles to tack on first. Stay tuned, folks.